Overview of the playing fields

One attitude, different counseling contexts.

Organizational Development

Rethinking what's going on.

Orga­nizati­ons are com­plex. Sup­port that is to be effec­ti­ve in the long term needs an eye for the dif­fe­rent alti­tu­des: From peo­p­le and their inner worlds, team dyna­mics to struc­tu­ral frame­works of the orga­nizati­on, from team dyna­mics to cou­plings into the mar­ket. Based on solid dia­gno­ses, we find appro­pria­te inter­ven­ti­on points and work with indi­vi­du­al key play­ers, enti­re teams or manage­ment teams as nee­ded. - learn more

Empowering teams.

Whe­ther lea­der­ship rounds or grass­roots col­le­agues: teams are the nucleus of an orga­nizati­on. This is whe­re flu­id inter­ac­tion occurs and whe­re con­flicts draw ener­gy from day-to-day ope­ra­ti­ons. This is whe­re employees expe­ri­ence a fit with the cul­tu­re or go on the back bur­ner becau­se they no lon­ger find them­sel­ves in the work. Here, solu­ti­ons in struc­tu­re and pro­ce­s­ses are tested and adju­sted — or not. How about a frame­work in which this team pro­cess beco­mes desi­gnable? - learn more

Team development


Experts among themselves.

Super­vi­si­on is estab­lished in many orga­nizati­ons. As a space for reli­ef and reflec­tion. As a tem­po­ra­ry team deve­lo­p­ment. As a work­shop whe­re roles and pro­ce­s­ses can be shar­pe­ned and cla­ri­fi­ed. The open exch­an­ge with col­le­agues brings a breath of fresh air into one’s own prac­ti­ce and builds up a space in which genui­ne coope­ra­ti­on beco­mes pos­si­ble. An update from the insi­de, so to speak. - learn more

Dare to live more.

The­ra­py is the cou­ra­ge­ous step towards ones­elf, the decis­i­on to take one’s own deve­lo­p­ment into one’s own hands. Whe­ther the occa­si­on is a cri­sis or fru­st­ra­ting repe­ti­ti­on, inner inten­si­ty or curio­si­ty about new ter­ri­to­ry, we will dive deep if you like. We listen to the move­ments of life under the sur­face of con­scious­ness and dedi­ca­te our­sel­ves to what has been stan­ding in the way of next steps so far. - learn more



Authentic. And effective.

The most fle­xi­ble for­mat for decis­i­on-makers and others who need to deci­de — whe­ther out of cri­sis or into growth oppor­tu­ni­ty: shed bal­last. Find out what you real­ly want to stand for. And take advan­ta­ge of oppor­tu­ni­ties that are not yet visi­ble - learn more

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